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Enrolling a
Brother Knight
into Memento Mori

The proper procedure for enrolling a deceased member onto the Memento Mori list is as follows:

Send an email to with the subject line "Memento Mori", the deceased's name, council number, month and year of death.

Prayer chain emails going to the State Executive Secretary will not be recorded here due to the volumn of prayer requests.

Contact the Nebraska State Council Knights of Columbus Webmaster at or

Memento Mori

We pray for our deceased Brother Knights



January 2015
Norbert M. Forsman, Council 1123
James F. Jackson, Sr., Council 1123
Milo L. Kirkegaard, Council 1123
Vincent W. Ostdiek, Council 1123
Dean Scheideler, Council 1723
William L. Beckwith, Council 3019
James B. Gillen, Council 3019
Donald F. Pechacek, Council 3019
John P. Ziccardi, Council 3019
Donald E. Dwaorak, Council 10184

February 2015
Denis R. Bumgardner, Council 1123
Leland C. Schmit Jr., Council 6192
Loyd Trimpey, Council 6192
Dr. Joseph A. Troia, Council 6192

March 2015
Glenn T. Frink, Council 1123

April 2015
Wayne Brannagan, Council 1123
Arthur Kolbet, Sr., Council 1123
Alois J. Rinke, Jr., Council 1211
Henry Polzer, Council 2272
Robert J. Rynders, Jr., Council 6192
Francis Theis, Council 11823
Ronald Jones, Council 11824
David M. McBride, Council 13576

May 2015
Charles Damico, Council 1123
Thomas Nelson, Council 1123
Wayne H. Dotson, Council 1211
Rev. Miguel Guevara, Council 1211
Thomas P. Albers, Council 6192
Deacon Ralph Hueser, Council 6192
Richard Kober, Jr. Council 11823

June 2015
William C. Hagedorn, Council 2272
Francis J. Oligmueller, Council 2272
Rev Patrick Meehan (died in Ireland), Council 6192

July 2015
Kenneth Hemberger, Council 1123
John (Jack) Mack, Council 1723
John W. Bowen, Council 3019
Nicholas G. Fransiscus, Council 3019
Ronald E. Gillen, Council 3019
David J. Rayer Sr., Council 3019
Clifford C. Swertzic, Council 3019
Edward J. Nicola, Council 10184
Epifanio A. Hernandez, Council 10815
Lawrence Ernst, Council 11823

August 2015
Thomas Kerkman, Council 1123
Donald Peatrowsky, Council 2272

September 2015
Richard Guenther, Council 2272
John F. Cunningham, Council 3019

October 2015
Donald Popken, Council 1211
James Waldschmidt, Council 1211
Dr. Charles Wempe 3rd, Council 1708
Robert Schuetze, Council 2272
John S. Bolgar, Council 3019
Richard G. Wolf, Council 3019
Leonard Godown, Council 6192
Eli M. Velasquez, Council 10815

November 2015
Creighton Horton, Council 1123
Arthur Kline, Council 10387
Richard Batenhorst, Council 10895 -
Past State Deputy (1984-1986)
Mitchell Labenz, Council 3019

December 2015
Dennis Mogis, Council 1211
Bob E. Pitner, Council 1211
Charles Witulski, Council 1723
Irvin Hagedorn, Council 2272
John B Kreikemeier, Council 2272
Gerald B. Labenz, Council 3019

January 2016
John (Jack) Smith, Council 10923
George Pfeifer, Council 13584