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Special Donation
A Michael Montag Sculpture

We have a special donation from our Squires patron, artist Michael Montag. He's creating a sculpture just for the State Convention to be raffled in support of the Squires program. This statue is gorgeous, with a rosary at its base, and captures the glory of Our Lord!

This beautiful piece is 11" wide by 25".

Among Montag's recent major works are a 45-foot Crucifix Spire for the Gretna, NE, Holy Family Shrine, a 22-foot tall Crucifix on the campus of the College of St. Mary, and a Logo Eagle Wall for Independent Insurance Agents for their headquarters in Lincoln. He also created the St. Ignatius Pilgrim Sculpture at Creighton Prep High School, and a 13-foot Grotto Arch at New Cassel Retirement Center. St. Ignatius sculptures identical to the Prep piece are now in Calgary, Alberta, Detroit, MI, and Tanzania. Montag also installed a 30-foot crucifix four miles southwest of Vesa, MN, on Minnesota State Highway 19, on August 26, 2016.

Go to to see more about Michael Montag.

The process of making a bronze artwork is often described as a mystery. In essence, a piece is created three times, in clay, in wax, and then in bronze. They call it "lost wax casting."

Be sure to stop by during the convention, see the finished crucifix, and bid on this amazing piece for yourself, your council, or your parish.