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Recruiting Resources

A Message from Bishop Emeritus Fabian W Bruskewitz

Join US - QR Code Available

Click on the button below to download the Join Us QR Code as a .png file. You can use this QR Code for Church Drives and Recruitment Events to sign up new members.

Using a cell phone camera, hover your camera over the QR Code and follow the link. If you have an older smart phone, you may need to install a QR Code Reader App on your phone first. Following the link, you will be taken to the Join Us page on the Supreme Website. Potential members can fill out (or you can fill out) the information on the page to register them as an E-Member of the Knights of Columbus.

  • It is extremely important that you have the potential member make the 3 "legal" clicks if you are filling out the rest of the form for them.
  • Don't forget to add your Membership Number in the recruiter box and your council number for easy transfer later.

If you have any problems with the .png file, please reach out to the State Membership Director, State Program Director, or one of the State Officers so we can get you the file.

State Growth Book

Affiliate Member Initiative

Use the button below to view and download the Affiliate Member Initiative Guidebook.