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Recruiting Incentives

Incentives for 2020 – 2021 Fraternal Year

Everybody deserves a little reward for doing a good job. We hope that you will find a reward that is marginally worthy of your work to grow the order, put get more Catholic Men involved in charitable good work.

Year-long Incentives:

To reward those great advocates for the Knights of Columbus, who work all year long, we have a couple of incentives to reward their efforts. Let’s celebrate those members and even those non-members that are constantly helping more Catholic Men participate in Catholic charity and work for the betterment of the Church.

  • Individual Incentive – Every proposer of 3 new members within one month will earn $25. For every new member that proposer recruits above 3, they will earn a $10 bonus.
  • Non-Member Incentive – $10 to any non-Knight that provides the primary work to bring a new member into our order. Mothers, or children or a Grandfather that never joined, can be rewarded for bringing them into the Knights. The council just needs to let the State Membership Director know the non-Knight that did the primary recruitment.

Monthly Incentives:

1st Quarter – Start Fast: Let’s start the year off with a Fast Start! Growing your council to begin the year deserves a little reward, so we’ve designed a few incentives to reward the fast-starting councils:

  • July – $100 to any council that is at 25% of quota by end of July.
  • August – $250 to any council that is at 50% of quota by end of August.
  • September – $500 split equally between the top proposer (and ties) in each region in the 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter – Grow the Order and Grow our Faith: Now that we got a good start, we can keep building our councils one member at a time. Evangelization takes an effort from every Knight, and any of our great Knights can earn these incentives by growing their council.

  • October – Random drawing of one $100 winner and four $50 winners from all proposers.
  • November – Random drawing of one $50 and one $25 winner from all proposers in each region.
  • December – $500 split equally between all councils that bring in 50% of their quota in the 2nd Quarter (between Oct. 1st and Dec. 31st).

3rd Quarter – Warming Up our Councils and Families: We can give more Catholic men and their families the warmth of friendship in our councils and our order. Consider using these incentives to warm the hearts of your council leaders as our councils continue to grow.

  • January – Random drawing of four $100 winners from all proposers.
  • February – Sweetheart of a Deal: any council achieving 100% of quota by Feb. 14th, earns $100; any council achieving 75% of quota earns $50.
  • March – Every council that achieves 75% of their quota will receive 2 free meals to Friday Awards Banquet at State Convention.

4th Quarter – Keep Growing all Year Long: Let’s keep rolling right on through the end of the fraternal year. We have a few final incentives to reward Knights that keep working to grow their council all year long.

  • April – 40 days under 40: Top 4 recruiters of new members 40 years old or younger receive $100.
  • May – Random drawing of two $50 winners from all proposers in each region.
  • June – $500 for the top recruiting council in each Region in the 4th Quarter.