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Nebraska State Lottery to Support Vocations

All Brother Knights of councils in Nebraska should have recently received a set of three (3) lottery tickets.  This lottery is used to fund the Nebraska State Council’s Vocations Fund and all of the charitable support of religious vocations that come from that fund.  Last year, we sold a total of 14,441 tickets at $10 apiece, for a total $144,410 deposited.  After expenses and prizes were paid to run the lottery, the State’s net income was a total of $123,216.

This allowed us to give away the following donations:

Given to Donations Amount Total Amount
Each Nebraska Diocese 3 $10,000.00 $30,000.00
Every Nebraska Seminarian 58 $ 600.00 $34,800.00
Each Nebraska Bishop 6 $ 500.00 $ 3,000.00
Every Nebraska Convent 5 $10,000.00 $50,000.00
St. Gregory the Great Seminary - Scholarships 1 $10,000.00 $10,000.00
St. Gregory the Great Seminary - Student Needs 1 $10,000.00 $10,000.00
St. Gregory the Great Seminary - Banquet 1 $ 800.00 $ 800.00



As you can see, last year we gave away more money than we collected thru the lottery, and all of the state lottery money remains in the state of Nebraska.  We hope that you will do your best to sell all of your lottery tickets and support vocations throughout the state of Nebraska.

If you need more lottery tickets, you can contact State Warden, Don Hypse, to be sent more tickets.  His email and phone number are in the State Directory book which was given to every council last July.  All lottery tickets need to be mailed back to the State Warden at the address provided with the tickets that you received, or brought to the Nebraska State Convention on April 27th or 28th.