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ICC Instructions

The ICC Submission Forms have been updated!

Almost all of the Submission Forms are built directly into the website now. This means you can now fill out the report on the website and submit it directly to the State Program Director and the corresponding Activity Director. The only report that will still need to be downloaded and filled out the the Publicity Award Report.

Online Reports can be filled out, making sure that required information is completed before submission, and then submitted with a click of a button.

Reports do need to be completed in one sitting. There is not a "Save" option on these forms. If you close your web browser or shut down your computer before hitting the "Send" button, your information will be lost and you will need to start again.

After each successful submission you will be taken to a new page thanking you for completing the ICC Submission Form. The Grand Knight or Council Program Director (which ever email was entered on the ICC Submission Form) will also receive an email confirmation that the form has been submitted. The State Program Director and the other directors will also receive a notice that your form has been submitted.

These new forms also allow for the upload of files to support your submission. You are able to upload up to five (5) different files for each submission. Files can include pictures (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, etc.), Word Documents, PDF Files, and videos. Please take advantage of these upload options to provide the Directors and State Family with the best possible vision of your projects.

You will no longer need to email your submission to multiple individuals to ensure it has been submitted. You may, however, still want to forward a copy of your email confirmation to your District Deputy or Regional Growth Director for record keeping.

If you have any questions regarding the ICC Submission Forms, please feel free to reach out to us.

Please Note for the ICC Tracker:

  • Membership is up to date as of September 1, 2023. Any new members since that time have not been added to this report.
  • Membership Quota is based on the original goals of 25% for Bronze, 50% for Silver, and 75% for Gold.
    • Completion of Keystone Projects will be taken into account after the March 1 Deadline for reports.

Due: September 1

  • Council Activity Planner

Due: March 1

  • Faith Major Activity
  • Family Major Activity
  • Community Major Activity
  • Life Major Activity
  • Columbian Award
  • Family of the Year
  • Knight of the Year
  • Rookie Knight of the Year
  • Leonard Feehan Memorial Community Service
  • On-Going Project
  • Special Project
  • Support of Catholic Education
  • Support of Vocations
  • Chaplain of the Year

Form 10784 - Fraternal Programs Report Form

Just a reminder, you are not required to submit the Form 10784 to the directors, but it is appreciated. The State Program Director receives a copy of the Form 10784 once you have completed the submission process on the Supreme Website.

If you need to access the Form 10784 to submit your Fraternal Programs click HERE (you will be taken to a new page on the Supreme Website). Once you have completed the information on the page that opens, you will receive an email with a link to the Form 10784. You will have 48 hours to complete the form. You may complete multiple Form 10784 submissions during that 48 hour period.

If you are submitting Form 10784 (Fraternal Programs Report Form) to directors, please use the email address found in the State Directory.