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The Buck-A-Month program is an excellent way to raise Culture of Life funds for your council. Buck-A-Month is a 50/50 fundraiser. The Buck-A-Month program is open to anybody, not just Knights. Ask your friends, relatives, etc., or set up a table after masses and enroll your parishioners. This activity could easily be your council’s largest and most profitable Culture of Life fundraiser. People will join; they just need to be asked! Many councils conduct projects and activities in order to generate funds to support their local Culture of Life organizations and educational projects. The Buck-A-Month program is a terrific and easy way to raise some of these funds.

  • Participating councils are entitled to receive back 50% of the total amount submitted to the Culture of Life Foundation. Councils send in 100% off the funds received and the COL Foundation then refunds 50% of the funds in July of each fraternal year.
  • Buck-A-Month refund checks will be printed and returned to councils at the Nebraska Knights of Columbus Grand Knights Seminar in July. Checks not picked up will be mailed at a later date.
  • Funds returned to your council (if you participate in the Buck-A-Month program) can be used for your parish and local community Culture of Life projects and activities.
  • The first place to look for potential Buck-A-Month members is from your council membership roster. Include a Buck-A-Month form with annual membership dues.
  • It is recommended that your council conduct its Buck-A-Month drive from January 1st to April 1st.
  • When preparing to send contributions to the Culture of Life Foundation, clearly mark them as a Buck-A-Month submission and include your Council Number. This will help to ensure that your council is credited properly and the correct refund check amount is returned to your council. Funds not clearly marked as Buck-A-Month will be assumed as a One Rose, One Life contribution. Forward Buck-A-Month contributions to the Knights of Columbus, Culture of Life Foundation of Nebraska before July 1st.
  • The suggested dollar amount for an individual membership is $12 (Buck-A-Month); however, any amount is very much appreciated.

Important Dates

  • January – April – Hold Buck-A-Month drive
  • Before July 1st – Forward all Buck–A-Month funds received via a check that is CLEARLY MARKED as Buck-A-Month with your Council Number to Knights of Columbus, Culture of Life Foundation of Nebraska, 4770 Jean Marie Ln., Fort Calhoun, NE 68023.
  • July – Refund Checks will be distributed to councils at the Leadership Training Seminar.