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One Rose One Life

One Rose One Life is a State-run program where ALL funds collected must be submitted to the State Culture of Life Foundation.

The Nebraska Knights of Columbus One Rose, One Life campaign is Nebraska’s premier source of income for the Culture of Life Foundation. All funds collected will be used to support Pro-Life organizations and activities throughout Nebraska. Our goal is 100% council participation. Thank you to those councils who have diligently participated in this campaign year after year. If your council has never participated, please consider it this year.

A major objective of the Culture of Life Foundation is to place Ultrasounds in qualified pregnancy care centers throughout Nebraska. To date, One Rose, One Life funds have supported the purchase of seven ultrasound machines in Nebraska.

In addition to the Ultrasound Initiative, many organizations, in all three Nebraska dioceses, benefit from this source of income. They include, but are not limited to, the Nebraska Catholic Conference, local Right-To-Life and Birthright chapters, and crisis pregnancy-help centers throughout Nebraska. We also support the Nebraska Pro-Life Conference’s Essay contest and the Culture of Life Art Contest with our funds. Councils also can receive funds for billboards (matching funds up to $500/side) or for special pro-life programs or needs.

If you know of an organization/council that would benefit from some of the One Rose One Life funds, the organization must complete a “Request for Funds” form and return it to the Culture of Life Directors for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Prayer is the greatest action we can take in battling the culture of death. Only through prayer, fasting and our witness to Christ’s love will we be able to change the hearts and minds of the many people who support abortion on demand. The One Rose, One Life Prayer cards are a good reminder for the importance of continued prayers throughout the year, not just during the campaign.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Choose a weekend for the campaign, typically on a weekend close to the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion on January 22, 1973.
  • Appoint a chairman. This usually is your council’s Culture of Life Chairman. Make sure that he will enthusiastically rally the council to become involved.
  • Determine how many prayer cards and envelopes your parish will need. Figure about 2 or 3 prayer cards per family; as a rule of thumb. For envelopes, figure at least half the number of families in your parish.
  • IMPORTANT: Let your District Deputy know how many prayer cards and envelopes you will need by October 15th, to allow ample time for printing, counting, and sorting. Cards and envelopes will be distributed to the DD’s at the District Deputies Meeting in December. Prayer cards are available in Spanish and English; so specify your desired number of each language.
  • Contact your pastor and/or parish administrator early to get their approval of the target weekend. IMPORTANT: If this weekend conflicts with other church or council activities at your parish, by all means, choose another weekend which will provide the most exposure. Ask your priest to support the fund drive in the parish bulletin and especially from the pulpit. A few words of encouragement from your priest are perhaps the single most important thing that will determine the success of your campaign. Try to have the prayer from the prayer card recited, either before, during, or after Mass.
  • Make sure your chairman has an ample number of Knights to assist at each Mass to pass out prayer cards; (before or after Mass is your council’s decision). Envelopes can be passed out as well. There are some councils that put the envelopes at the end of each pew and some insert them in their bulletins the week prior to their campaign. Money can be collected as a second collection (ask your pastor first), or you can hold out buckets or baskets after each Mass.
  • Make sure you follow up your campaign efforts by placing a thank-you note in the paper or parish bulletin.
  • All funds collected MUST be sent to the Knights of Columbus Culture of Life Foundation of Nebraska by March 1st in order for us to prepare Convention reports and arrange for awards.
  • First and second-place awards are presented at the State Convention to the top two councils, in each division, that collects and turn in the highest dollar amount,
  • The One Rose, One Life campaign is not to be used as a council fundraising activity. Our three bishops, along with other statewide Culture of Life/pro-life organizations, rely heavily on the money that is collected during this campaign. An excellent avenue to raise the Culture of Life funds for local councils is the Buck-A-Month program.

Checks written from council funds should be made out to:
Knights of Columbus, Culture of Life Foundation of Nebraska
Send to: 4770 Jean Marie Ln., Fort Calhoun, NE 68023

Important Dates:
Before October 15 – Give # of desired English & Spanish cards and envelopes to your DD.
Before March 1st – Send all funds to Knights of Columbus, Culture of Life Foundation of Nebraska

Michael & Mary Conrad - Culture of Life Directors

Home: 4770 Jean Marie LaneFt. Calhoun NE 68023

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