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Silver Rose

The Silver Rose program is now continuing as scheduled. Councils should continue to abide by any Local, Civil or Diocesan guidelines currently in place. Participating Councils should contact the appropriate District or State leadership, such as the State Community Director, for their Jurisdiction’s route details and guidelines.

A Higher Purpose

Share the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe and promote respect for life by participating in this meaningful pilgrimage. The Silver Rose program demonstrates the unity between Knights of Columbus in Canada, the United States and Mexico, through a series of prayer services promoting the dignity of all human life and honoring Our Lady.

Each year, from early March through mid-December, Silver Roses are stewarded by Knights of Columbus councils along routes from Canada to Mexico. Every stop the Silver Rose makes throughout the pilgrimage is a rosary-centered occasion for Knights, parishioners and community members to pray for respect for life, for the spiritual renewal of each nation, and for the advancement of the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Silver Rose

A Message From State Community Director Ken Prokop Regarding the Silver Rose Program

Worthy DD's and Contact Person,  

       The Silver Rose Route is about to begin in our State. IT is very important that the route stays on schedule as presented. There are NO extra days in the schedule. Councils may have more than one service if necessary {English, Spanish}.

       Please fill out the Log sheet after each Service. I'm requesting that you text me at 402-369-0471 so that I can make sure of its current location. The Prayer Service Booklets need to stay with the Silver Rose as it travels to each location. There are NO extra booklets. You may go to the Supreme website and find/print it ahead of your service. You may also click the button below to download the PDF from our website.

       Lastly please understand that the day/days that are assigned to your District or Council are necessary to move the Silver Rose across our Great State to minimize long travel times. It will be handed off to Kansas on the 12th of Sept. south of Hebron, NE.

2023 Silver Rose Program Route

Date (2023) Contact Council Name & Number
12 August SD Bob Wolf Receive from Colorado
13 August SD Bob Wolf Travel to Lincoln
14 August John Franssen St Marys Council #9704
15 August John Franssen Blessed Sacrament Council #11001
16 August Alvin Raef Cathedral Council #9563
17 August Alvin Raef St Joseph's Council #4923
18 August David Wilson Msgr. David R. Hintz Council #13576
19 August David Wilson St Margaret Mary Alacoque Council #15407
20 August Ken Carlstedt Sts Mary & Joseph Council #12557
21 August Marty Stednitz John V Wallace Council #10047
22 August James Vath St Patrick of Elkhorn Council #14914
23 August Marty Stednitz St John Vianney Council #7740
24 August James Vath St Vincent DePaul Council #10795
25 August Mark Keller St Philip Neri Council #5287
26 August Mark Keller St Peter's Council #13956
27 August Jim Haier St Wenceslaus Council #10909
28 August Jim Haier Christ the King Council #5045
29 August Jim Haier Father Flanagan of Boys Town Council #652
30 August Jim Haier Father Clement Bracht Council #10184
31 August Rudy Mettler St. Elizabeth Ann Council #9771
1 September Rudy Mettler St Joan of Arc Council #9918
2 September Rudy Mettler St James Council #10895
3 September David Varney St John Paul II - UNO Council 16680
4 September David Varney Archbishop James Hugh Ryan Council #3019
5 September David Varney Our Lady Guadalupe Council #10815
6 September Ronald Morrs St Charles Borromeo Council #14077
7 September Ronald Morrs Father William Foster Council #9518
8 September Bob Hasiak Holy Cross Council #11364
9 September Bob Hasiak Archbishop Bergan Council #6429
10 September Bob Hasiak Columban Council #6192
11 September Bob Hasiak St Matthew Council #11879
12 September Ken Carlstedt Holy Cross Council #1966
13 September Ken Carlstedt Father Joseph VanderHeiden Council #3152
14 September Lou Gasper St Michael's Council #7021
15 September Lou Gasper Msgr John Flynn Council #11674
16 September Lou Gasper Falls City Council #1336